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            2019AW - A Mysterious Chase in a Noble Castle

            2020 Spring / Summer

            2020 Spring / Summer

            VJC, a high-end fashion brand in China, owns men's brand VJC and women's brand VJC Olivia

            Shenzhen vjc Clothing Co., Ltd


            Louise Lou


            Louise Lou, VJC女裝品牌OLIVIA創始人兼品牌創意總監。

            多年海外留學經歷,對時尚有著新奇的見解,掌管VJC全線產品設計以及品牌形象。 Louise Lou推崇的“亦剛亦柔”的藝術哲學,以獨特的審美視角另辟蹊徑。既是主流, 但不隨波逐流;既有共性又保有特立獨行的個性,使得VJC品牌在行業內逐漸崛起。

            Louise Lou, founder and creative director of VJC women's Olivia. With years of overseas study experience, I have novel opinions on fashion, and take charge of the product design and brand image of VJC. Louise Lou's art philosophy of "both rigid and soft" is a new way with a unique aesthetic perspective. It is not only the mainstream, but also does not follow the trend; it has both common and unique characteristics, which makes VJC brand gradually rise in the industry.

            FASHION SHOW

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